Adventure tours may be defined as leisure activities that take place in  unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destinations and tend to be associated with high levels of involvement and activity by the participants, most of it outdoors. Adventure travelers are explorers of both an outer world, especially the unspoiled, exotic parts of our planet and an inner world of personal challenge, self perception and self mastery. Historically, individuals drawn to work within the various adventure travel activities have done so because of a primary interest in an outdoor, travel-oriented lifestyle. Guides are the backbone of the adventure tourism industry. Employers need competent, qualified guides who can provide adequate care and safety for their clients.


Central Asia, is an outdoor enthusiast's dream, with its snowcapped mountains, sweeping steppes, primeval forests and turquoise lakes. Central Asia is an endless source of wonders and intriguing adventures. Overnights on the shore of beautiful lakes, ancient shepherds' trails, breathtaking mountain passes, picturesque panoramas of landscapes and traditional Asian lifestyle complemented by nomadic roots  create an unforgettable experience. Rugged and remote wilderness of famous Pamir and Tien-Shan combined with quiet valleys and lakes offer excellent possibilities  for both adventure trekking and mountaineering  as well as cultural adventure tours.

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