Articles on Central Asia

Central Asia is a pure land of contrasts: forbidden mountains with glaciers at top, vast lowlands of fruitful valleys pierced by broad rivers, abandoned steppes with thousands of evidences of the past. Being so different in the modern history all Central Asian states have a common history, kindred customs and traditions.


Kyrgyzstan, known as a country of celestial mountains, will impress you by an abundance of natural and historical attractions. Mystic Pamir and Tien-Shan mountain ranges conceal valleys decorated by yurts and colorful felt carpets and lakes including a jewel of Genghis Khan – Issyk-Kul Lake, relict forests and hot sulfur springs.  Kyrgyzstan has prepared many other astonishing sights such as traditional equestrian competitions, song and legends.


Uzbekistan is a diamond in the crown of ancient empires. The country will conquer your heart by the beauty of historical monuments of the past, fantastic cuisine and smell of oriental markets.


Hot Turkmenistan is a brilliant piece of Central Asia. The great dynasties of Asia and Persia left an alluring legacy of magnificent palaces, mosques and ruins of caravanserais. A golden statue of the first president of Turkmenistan, rotating to follow the sun will explain you what is a cult of personality in the 21st century.


One of the oldest countries in the world, colorful, warm and mysterious Tajikistan is a rapidly growing travel destination. The reasons are obvious – ancient sites of the Great Silk Road, amazing mountaineering opportunities, varied and delicious cuisine.


Kazakhstan is an interweaving of ancient epochs and the present. In Kazakhstan alpine landscapes adjoin ancient towns and astonishing collections of Petroglyphs.

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