Central Asia is a tasty morsel for ornithologists and botanists. The diversity of natural landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and intrusion into its territory of Middle East, South Asian, East Siberian and European species created the unique variety of fauna. Here you can find high mountain and plain, desert and forest, steppe and meadow bird species located at the relatively small territory.

The avifauna of Kyrgyzstan and South East Kazakhstan comprises about 350 species of birds. The program is not only intended for the specialists but also for people who would like to conduct a journey in touch with nature along with easy hiking and enjoy fascinating beautiful landscapes and get familiar with culture and lifestyle of the Kyrgyz and Kazakh people. Central Asia is known as an essential destination for anyone with a serious interest in Palearctic birds and our journeys provide opportunities to see a high concentration of Central Asian specialties.

If you are looking for guided birdwatching  tours at an enjoyable, relaxed pace then you are in the right place. During our tour clients can observe approximately 170 bird species. All tour leaders have varied interests in natural history and other related fields, but the timing and itinerary of our tours is dictated almost entirely by ornithological considerations. In addition our clients will get familiar with sights of the region, nomadic traditions and enjoy fantastic landscapes of Tien-Shan Mountain Range.



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