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Festivals and Events in Kyrgyzstan

Plan your holidays according to this unique Festivals and Events Calendar - the best way to get in touch with unforgettable Kyrgyz national games, customs and traditions.

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Birds of Prey Festival

National Cuisine and Folklore

Kyrgyz Kochu

National Games

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Winter Skiing in Kyrgyzstan

Equally adventurous, but far less explored by visitors Kyrgyzstan is an excellent skiing option for advanced and amateur skiers.

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4x4 Expeditions in Kyrgyzstan

Want to reach the most beautiful spots of the country? - Traveling off road can take you further, wilder, deeper than other ways of traveling.

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Bird-watching in Kyrgyzstan

The avifauna of Kyrgyzstan and South East Kazakhstan comprises about 350 species of birds. The are is tasty morsel for ornithologists. Keep your camera charged.

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Unique Petroglyphs

Astonishing hidden collections of Central Asian petroglyphs. Scenes of ancient life style, games and spiritual rites will immerse your imagination into this primeval world.

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