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As a logical extension to our Sustainability Policy we run a  Risk Management System which provides a generic framework for the identification, analysis, assessment, treatment and monitoring of our risk. It is the basis of both crisis management for destinations, businesses and of disaster management for local communities and tourists. This proactive process enables us to minimize losses and take advantage of opportunities.

Standard operating procedures

We utilize and timely update  Standard operating procedures for tour guides, drives and accommodation providers to guarantee safety of our esteemed customers. This highly effective tool is the basis for our process improvement and performance monitoring.

Emergency preparedness plan

We know our risks and how to manage them. Guides and drivers have emergency preparedness plan in hand and know how to behave in a critical situation.

Incident reports

Our Incident Reporting process is to capture the details of an incident such as a natural disaster, safety in general, personal injury, near miss, major complaints and submitting them to a nominated contact for follow up including above standing tour operators and families.



Risk Management

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